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V-Mac Welding Gauge


V-WAC Gage easily and quickly checks the four essential measurements required for compliance with the NRC Visual Weld Acceptance Criteria.

Checks undercut depth, porosity comparison, amount of porosity per linear inch and crown height.

■ Undercut depth or crown height scale can be read to 1/32 inch.
■ Porosity comparison of 1/8 inch and 1/16 inch.
■ Linear gauge in 1/16 inch increments.
■ Pointer is easy to set and a locking screw holds it in position for later reference.
■ Figures and increments are etched into surface.
■ They are easy to read and will not rub off.
■ All four required measurements are made with a single gauge.
■ Gauge is made of stainless steel.
■ Gauge is 11/4 inches by 4 inches, and can be easily carried in your pocket.




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